Many times our clients wonder which type of flooring they should purchase for their next project. Should they purchase hardwood, LVT, or engineered floors? In this weekend blog series, we will highlight the characteristics of each type of floor. Each project is different and each client has their own lifestyle, desires, and specific needs for their floors. Let’s start with hardwood!

Clients who are looking for a one-time investment should strongly consider selecting solid hardwood floors. This type of floor is a long-term investment. Why? Floors will never have to be replaced unless there is an unforeseen circumstance like a natural disaster or a burst water pipe. In this case, durability takes precedence over price. SSJ recommends installing solid hardwood floors (prefinished or unfinished) because they are durable, re-stainable, reusable, and easy to maintain.

Book an appointment at our showroom to select your solid hardwood floors or refinish your hardwood floors! View our gallery of featured solid hardwood floors below: